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Close of Escrow

Closing Day

It is almost time for a congratulations! Do not forget to tie up these loose ends:

Final Walk-Through Inspection.

The final inspection is a standard procedure that takes place either the day before or the day of the closing, and serves as more of a formality than anything else. During this process, the buyer visits the property to verify that everything is in working order and there have been no significant changes since their last visit. They will also ensure that no extra items have been left behind by the seller. While it is generally a routine check, any issues that arise during the final inspection can potentially delay the closing process.

Cancel Home Services and Utilities.

As part of our commitment to ensuring a smooth and stress-free transition for our clients, we offer a comprehensive list of useful numbers for the termination of home services and utilities after the closing occurs. We understand that switching or terminating utility services can be a hassle, and we aim to simplify the process by providing all the necessary contact information in one convenient location. From water and electricity to cable and internet services, our list covers all the essential services that homeowners need to address when moving out. Trust us to help make your move as smooth as possible.

Be Prepared.

In the final stages of selling your property, unexpected issues can arise that may cause stress and anxiety. However, with our expertise and experience, we are equipped to handle any glitches that may occur. Whether it is a breakdown of a property feature or a delay in the buyer's loan approval, we have encountered these issues before and know how to handle them efficiently and effectively. Rest assured that we will work with all parties involved to find solutions that are fair and beneficial for everyone, allowing for a smooth and stress-free closing process.


The closing agent will provide a detailed settlement statement to all parties involved, summarizing the financial transactions enacted throughout the process. After the buyer(s) sign this statement, you will also sign, along with the closing agent, to certify its accuracy. In case you are unable to attend the closing, we can make arrangements depending on the circumstances and notice we receive. If you are receiving funds from the sale, you may choose to have them wired electronically to your financial institution or receive a check at the closing. Additionally, it's essential for the seller to have all property keys and important information ready for the new owner to receive at the closing.

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